Sport Investing ecosystem

What the ecosystem consists of?

Fan token Launchpad

Launchpad is an internal site of the Sportinvesting platform for launching fan tokens of clubs and athletes. New fan tokens are sold to a limited number of people at a reduced fixed price on Launchpad before they are released on the exchange. The fact that an official club or athlete's fan token is being put on the market for the first time and has not been traded anywhere else before means that its release on the exchange will mean an increase in its price, and the initial price of the fan token on the Launchpad is automatically set at 5 times the listing price on the exchange. For this reason, the demand to participate in the Launchpad is very high and the supply is limited. To participate in the fan token sale, users must have a SITX token on their account .

Fan Token Exchange

Fans Token Exchange is a platform for trading fan tokens, i.e. assets specially created by clubs and athletes for effective interaction between them and fans. Buying the fan-tokens, the fan of the club or the athlete simultaneously supports his favorite club / athlete and gets interesting benefits for himself personally. The functionality of the Fan Token Exchange does not differ from the classic cryptocurrency, except for the possibility of margin trading and professional tools. On the exchange you will be able to follow the schedule of assets and buy/sell fan-tokens.

The Learning Academy for fans

The Fan Educational Academy at is an educational portal that offers quality and easy-to-understand content to users and sports fans around the world. The Sportinvesting Academy provides users with content ranging from simple topics like "What is a fan token?" and "How does a fan earn a fan token" to more complex topics like "How to Get Maximum Allocation on the Launchpad" and "How to Send Your Funds to a Profitable Steaming." Crypto-education of fans and sports fans is integral to the spread of crypto and fan-token opportunities among fans. While the use of fan tokens is still in its infancy, fans need a simple and reliable source of knowledge, which our academy is.

Fan Benefits Marketplace

Marketplace of fan benefits on the platform - an internal platform for the sale of goods and offers from sports teams and athletes, which are sold exclusively for fan tokens. On the platform, as in any other marketplace, users can buy products from several categories: products from athletes/clubs, tickets to fan events, NFT, training tickets, participation in online streams, tickets to cyber tournaments with athletes, etc.

Cybersports tournaments with athletes

The tournaments page will announce new tournaments, publish news and reports of past events, and there will be an online broadcast of all tournaments, which are organized by the platform For participation and victory in tournaments with the sports stars can receive gifts from the marketplace fan bonuses and win meetings with the star.

DAO for club's management

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) for club management allow each platform user who enters a DAO to participate in club owner discussions, vote for key decisions of coaches and managers and receive a % of the total club income. On the platform, each created DAO will have access to an internal platform with news review functionality and ongoing voting. It will be possible to vote with fan tokens, and the number of fan tokens spent on the vote will determine the weight of the vote. A DAO can be created for an existing sports club, with limited management functions, as well as for new sports clubs that will be fully decentralized and shared between DAO members.

Mobile App

The mobile application Sport Investing will serve as a convenient addition to all users of the platform and will allow you to trade fan-tokens, buy bonuses and manage clubs directly on your phone.

Sports News Portal and Forum

The news portal and forum of the platform will become the key source of news about the fan-token market and cryptotechnology in sports. Only here it will be possible to find out the latest news and discuss with users questions of interest or unite for joint activities.

Fantasy sport

Fantasy sports tournaments will take place on the platform on a special internal platform, where each user will be able to use his SITX tokens to participate in the tournament and create his unique platform. The rules of the games are still a secret, but the main distinguishing feature will be the possibility of steaking SITX tokens in exchange for participation in the tournament, thus each user can earn tokens just by playing fantasy sports, and if he wins, he will receive an impressive reward in SITX tokens and fan tokens of new clubs.

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