Reasons to buy SITX tokens

SITX token is directly connected with all the activities on the Sport Investing platform. That's why it's impossible to use the functionality without our token. Moreover, there are some more advantages:

Low risks Part of the profit will be used to support the price of the token in the stock market.

Large market More than 70% of the Global population are sports fans. The sports market volume is $400 billion. We plan to acquire some piece of the market and launch Fan-tokens for athletes and clubs from all over the world.

Profit with growth of popularity athletes and clubs Our platform offers the legal alternative to sport betting websites, including profit from holding the fan-tokens of athletes and clubs, staking the SITX token, playing our Fantasy Sport games and etc.

Social work We are starting the creation of the first decentralized football club and we will support young athletes and raise future champions.

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