Token allocation

The Sport Investing Platform Utility Token

Ticker: SITX Blockchain Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token Supply: 4 240 000 000 Initial Token Circulation: 130 000 000 (half of the sum is locked for 1 year) Initial Market Cap: 4 240 000 000

Tokenomics And Its Distinctive Parts The majority of cash will be transferred from the Issuer to an affiliate in order to further expand the platform, create collaborations, and build the platform's digital infrastructure.

The funds will be used to recruit new users to the platform and increase participation in its voting tools, peer-to-peer user experiences, and marketplace.

The funds will be utilized to guarantee that the platform remains completely self-contained and has the strategic flexibility to expand on its
own terms.

The Issuer will invest in the nascent blockchain ecosystem, forging significant alliances that will benefit the firm and its stakeholders as it expands.

15% MARKETING Tokens for financing marketing activities will be blocked for 2 years with the possibility of unlocking small portions monthly.

15% TOKENSALE The tokens will be sold on the exchange at a starting price of $0.01. It is expected that the price per coin will increase to $1 within a year.

15% DIVIDEND PAYMENTS The tokens will be used only for payments of earnings to customers, for the sale of tokens of athletes and clubs, which have increased several times in price. When the token pool reaches a capacity of 5%, an additional issue of up to 15% will occur.

12% TEAM The tokens will be blocked for up to 6 years, with the possibility of partial unblocking every quarter.

10% LIQUIDITY Tokens for maintaining liquidity.

10% ECOSYSTEM Tokens for maintaining the project’s performance.

10% RESERVED The tokens will be blocked indefinitely. The tokens will be unblocked only when the liquidity reaches 5%.

10% PARTNERS & ADVISERS The tokens will be used for payments to our strategic partners, advisers, and athletes.

3% PRESALE Tokens will be sold only at the presale stage, and will also be blocked for 6 months from the moment of listing, with the possibility of unlocking no more than 15% monthly.

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