Underlying technologies

Sport Investing is built on the most innovative technologies to provide its users with steady, fast, and effective interaction between platform participants. To elaborate on the mechanics behind Sport Investing, there would be several sections with relevant information secure for distinctive parts of technology.

MultiChain Architecture

The Sport Investing platform was initially launched on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC). This decision was made because BSC is a perfect option for making up a broad range of Decentralized applications(DApps), and it is specifically suited to NFT-based solutions. All information and data about the platform’s members are stored on the blockchain, which makes Sport Investing a safe and transparent platform.

BSC is fully compatible with EVM. Metamask, one of the most popular DeFi wallets, is supported. It also includes pre-integrated pricing oracles (such as ChainLink), which are critical for many sorts of dApps. Switching from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain has never been easier thanks to this level of compatibility. Ethereum is by far the most successful and widely used blockchain on the market, with a large developer and user community. The integration of many blockchains into the Sport Investing ecosystem will provide players with the best possible financial conditions.

Because of combination, there are several factors that make such system far more secure, faster, and more effective than others do:

  • Low Transaction Fees

  • Performance suitable for mass adoption

  • DeFi without bounds

  • Operative execution of smart contracts

  • High speed of operations with the SITX token and other cryptocurrencies

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