Market Problems & Solutions

SPORT INVESTING solves the global problems of the sports market:

Problem #1

All major players on the fan-token market issue fan-tokens just for clubs and teams, ignoring the personalities of the athletes. Moreover, the only bonus that they suggest to the holders is participation in a voting process, but the results of such votes can not even be implemented in the future. Our solution Sport Investing is the first Athletes’ Fan-Token Launchpad & Exchange with a specific aim - to take into consideration each athlete who's interested in popularization and monetization of his personal brand. In this case, all the fans and sport lovers will get much more opportunities and benefits, as the athlete is meeting their halfway.

Problem #2

At the moment, sports fans have the opportunity to only watch the game on TV/online or attend the game and buy sporting goods, but people can not make an income from their hobby in the form of investments, except sports betting, which is high risk and prohibited in many countries by the law. Simply put, fans can cheer for their favorite team/player, spend money on tickets, sporting goods, and receive only emotions in return. Our solution On the Sport Investing platform, users will be able to profit from the fan-tokens, staking and participation in Fantasy Sport competitions which will allow them to have even more joy from their hobby.

Problem #3

All existing crypto-fan platforms and tokens issued by these projects allow owners to have a digital asset that gives them the right to vote for fans things, offers discounts, and benefits but don't influence on the game. Our solution The Sport Investing platform not only issues tokens of the players and clubs but also makes it possible to get special game-changer benefits, such as polls for game strategy and players voting.

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