Advantages for athletes/clubs

All the athletes and clubs who'd like to work with Sport Investing platform will get not just pretty good bonuses, but personal growth as well as:

  1. Monetization of popularity

    All profit from the sold tokens goes to the personal athlete's crypto wallet

  2. Popularity growth

    We help to bring new fans and increase the popularity of the athlete

  3. Blockchain implementation of personal brand

    All popular teams have already been digitized and issued their own tokens

  4. New level of fan engagement

    Fans will be happy to interact with their favorite athletes as well as to make some extra money

Beside of these bonuses we also suggest:

  • Release of personalized fan-token: we create your the fan-token in the blockchain network and the issuance fee is just 10% of the total number of tokens;

  • Help with listing and sales: we launch initial token sales on the Launchpad by ourselves and help the athlete to make the first steps with the platform and his own community;

  • Extra profit: 90% of the total income from the token sales goes directly to the athlete (other 10% will be divided between the Sport Investing platform and the agent of the sportsman);

  • Sales support and token promotion: we provide a well-prepared plan with all the activities and interactions with your fans/subscribers to increase the value of your fan-token.

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