Sport Investing

Welcome letter from CEO

Hi, my name is David Atterman. I'm CEO of Sportinvesting LTD.
With Sportinvesting team we're connect fans with their favourite athletes and clubs. We are making a user friendly, easy onboarding, no blockchain know-how platform with possibilities to earn on sports with WEB 3.0 and blockchain technologies.
We know that over the years only sport clubs owners and corporations could make profit and benefits from sports. Fans always spend money on sports by buying tickets and merchandise, watching paid broadcasts and etc. But they can't get real benefits, profit and opportunities to be closer to their favourite athelets and clubs.
With we want to change the level of fan engagement by some great crypto-technologies like fan-tokens, Play2Earn opportunities, NFTs and decentralization processes. We want to create a win-win model where all players (fans, athletes, clubs) will get the profit and new experience.
Our team has already boasted the talented professionals across the crypto, marketing and sports world. Special attention is paid to the creation of a department of sports agents, which already includes dozens of official sports agents of young and popular athletes.
Now, let's move to a bullish case of Sportinvesting native smart token — SITX.
SITX allows us to create a fan-led economy inside Sportinvesting ecosystem where users will be able to use SITX to take part in Launchpad pre-sales, buy and sell fan-tokens, vote for athletes/clubs decisions, play Fantasy Sport and just be rewarded for holding our native token. Use cases include premium access to limited edition collectibles, NFT-discounts, community governance, rewards, and much more.
We already closed Pre-Seed and Seed rounds and got finance for development the first stages of our platform.
Our big mission - is to create the first decentralized football club that will be managed by SITX holders and members of our football foundation. All the decisions about the team, matches, play strategies and management will be made by token holders, that's why all the profit from the club will be also shared between the holders.
To summarize, I wish you success and profit 💪 And I'm kindly invite you to register and start your crypto journey in sports with Sportinvesting.