Plans And Values

Our obligations to future Sport Investing platform users and organizations powered by the SITX token are unmistakable.

For our users: To be the currency and platform that, combined, operate as a fan decision-making engine, allowing fans to effectively influence their favorite teams while maintaining perfect integrity.

For our partner organizations: To produce and fairly distribute money collected through the Sport Investing platform. Trust in our currency and the platforms and businesses it powers is critical – for both our users and partners – but we also recognize that trust is insufficient when it comes to ensuring that voting rights are used properly and income is appropriately accounted for. We also use a profound technological basis as well as a huge range of utilities for fans and athletes that would stop deleterious effects of people speculating about the coin.

Blockchain, as a technology basis, is the de-facto choice for doing so in a clear and concise manner. We run our own permissioned BNB Chain instance to assure integrity. Sport Investing is built on this permissioned sidechain. Every athlete or organization that interacts with the platform, as well as each athletes’ audience voting processes, is hosted on this blockchain as a semi-autonomous entity. Instead of requiring the use of Proof of Work (PoW) consensus, running our own permissioned sidechain will drastically reduce transaction costs by allowing us to use a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm to confirm each new block of the permissioned chain - with each block storing polling decision results.

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