Sport Investing

Fan Token Usability

Fan token functionality
  • Investing in the growth of the sportsmen’s evaluation
  • Rewards for fans and athletes
  • Payments for players from advertisers
  • Stalking and yield farming which results in getting fan tokens
  • Voting best athletes or choosing players to list and other distinctive parts, like the way of celebrating a goal during soccer games, for example.
  • Buying mystery boxes from which people can get random tokens, with its level of rarity
  • An opportunity to present a certificate on the Sport Investing platform
  • Chance for getting an invitation to press conference with people’s favorite athletes
  • An opportunity to attend pieces of training of clubs
  • Potential participation in life with people’s athletes.
There are several techniques and mechanics in Decentralized Finance, like staking, trading, launchpads, auctions of NFTs, and crossbreeding of NFTs on which the utility of fan tokens is based. To provide the most convenient use of the fan tokens, Sports Investing is divided into three distinctive categories; for example, online, offline, and crypto. Each section in its turn could be broken up into two more sections. For instance, interaction with an actual athlete or not, and talking specifically about crypto, two sections would be with including physical products or not.
The purchase of fan tokens allows people to vote and influence in a particular way for operations of their favorite clubs or sportsmen. Furthermore, there would be a lot of opportunities for holders of these fan tokens to participate in disparate auctions and airdrops.