The First Step: Buying $SITX

How to buy SITX with Metamask or TrustWallet

Step 1: How to buy tokens on the PancakeSwap First of all, you need to follow this link. On this decentralized exchange you can swap tokens into other tokens. From the broad range of all tokens, you can find our token, SITX. But now, we will gradually explain how to set your wallets and how to use them in the PancakeSwap. So, as we said earlier, you would need to connect your wallet with your Metamask or TrustWallet Next 2 steps would serve as an explanation about how to set your own trust waller and Metamask accounts, so if you already know that, you can move to Step 4 Step 2: How to download and set your Metamask account To download the MetaMask wallet, you firstly need to follow the official link of the MetaMask. After that, you should click the button, “Download Now,” and there you would be redirected to the Chrome extension store, where you would be finally able to download the MetaMask extension. After that, you need to set up your MetaMask account to buy SITX on the PancakeSwap. In the MetaMask extension you need to add the Binance Smart Chain. If you do not have a Smart Chain network, you should click the button, Add network and substitute these data Network Name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: ChainID: 56 Symbol: BNB Block Explorer URL: If it is still difficult to comprehend, or you have some troubles, I would recommend this article to set up a Smart Chain network. Step 3: How to download and set your Trust Wallet account First of all you need to download the Trust Wallet app in the play market or app store. You can follow these links to find it easier Trust Wallet app in the App Store Trust Wallet app in the Play Store Then, you need to create your Multi-Coin Wallet. In that way, look at your all-setted profile. After that, you need to add funds to your wallet Step 4: How to buy crypto, and withdraw it to your Trust Wallet account or MetaMask account. While there are a lot of different ways to do it because of the distinctive characteristics of crypto exchanges, we would like to share some of the useful articles to help you, if you need. First article, Second article, and Third article. In the third and second articles, there is basic information about requirements of special centralized exchange. In the first article, there is a table with differences of centralized exchanges, fees, restrictions, deposit protection, and amount of currencies. For example, some centralized exchanges have a wide range of currencies, with high fees, and small leverages, while others could have a small range of currencies, small fees, and high leverages. In other words, each exchange has their own pros and cons, and only you need to select what is closer to your needs. Talking about general steps to set up your account, you would need to be older than 18 years, and to set up your account you need to take a photo of your passport and yourself. Furthemore, some changes have their own restriction zones. For instance, Binance, the most popular centralized exchange, does not offer its services to residents of China, Ontario, Malaysia, Japan, UK, Thailand, Belarus, and others. So, after you choose your own preferred exchange, you would need to do identity verification and connect your mail, telephone, and Google Authenticator. Step 5: How to buy SITX tokens on the PancakeSwap with your ready-to-go wallets from MetaMask or Trust Wallet Before going to buy SITX on Pancake Swap, you need to buy token BNB in your preferred centralized exchange. After all, you should send your bnb to your Trust Wallet or MetaMask account. Be aware that because of slippage, your order price of BNB and your price of purchase could be different, including commission. So, you need to go to the PancakeSwap web-site and click on the “Trade now” button You would be redirected to the main trading platform, where you need to change tokens to buy SITX. After you type SITX, you will find the needed page. You need to click import, and then, you would be able to finally buy SITX tokens by clicking the button Swap. After that, you can find your SITX tokens in the Trust Waller or in the MetaMast account. If you still have questions, or you struggle to figure out some complicated moments do not hesitate to ask us via social media, email, or our telegram, @sitxsupport

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