Sport Investing


We are Sport Investing Team - an international group of crypto enthusiasts, analysts and sports fans with a large background in the crypto world, deep understanding of how the market and the sphere of DeFi & GameFi works. We have come together to create a unique ecosystem for sports fans where ordinary people can earn, invest, play and just be closer to their favorite sports players and clubs.
So, here we are:
David Atterman - CEO. Entrepreneur, professional trader, ex-CEO of mining pool (2000 machines)
Global Marketing
Antony Free - CMO. Digital marketing and social networks expert (VTB, Transformator, Qwintry), Marketing director who developed more than 100 digital strategies.
Yusup Tuluqou - Chief Product Officer. The owner of IT application development company and product manager
Anna Lukyantseva - Project Manager
Development and blockchain
Bobo Murod - Chief Blockchain Officer, Back-end developer, blockchain specialist, and IT-expert
Randal Clyde - Chief Technical Officer, Back-end developer, blockchain specialist, and IT-expert who developed trading bots for the cryptocurrency market and IT platforms
Andrew Zobnin - Chief Frontend Developer
Anton Ivanov - Financial Director