Sport Investing

🏆 SITX Token

The Sport Investing Platform Utility Token
Ticker: SITX Blockchain Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token Supply: 4 240 000 000 Initial Token Circulation: 130 000 000 (half of the sum is locked for 1 year) Initial Market Cap: 4 240 000 000
Token Usability: Buy and sell Fan-tokens, staking, buy participation in Fantasy Sport, vote for fan-tokens activity
Within the Sport Investing ecosystem, the SITX token serves as a versatile value carrier for financial transactions. All calculations on the platform are carried out using the platform's token. SITX token is the first worldwide token that could be used for monetizing the growth of sportsmen’s evaluation, and it can be used for engaging with fans and advertisers.
Furthermore, while buying particular fan tokens of players, people automatically can get roles in the form of NFT. Besides that, holders of SITX tokens potentially can get other NFTs, for example, physical products, FrankenFan NFT(parts of the athletes’ bodies that are capable of increasing results of those players), and many other variations. In the future, there is a potential extension in the bonus part as represented by fields, pitches, arenas, and sportsmen.