Sport Investing

Launchpad for New Fan Tokens

Launchpad Launchpad is a platform that allows blockchain-based enterprises to generate funds while offering their investors access to early-stage token sales. Having early access to sales implies that investors can get a good deal before the market opens up to the general public. Talking specifically about Sport Investing launchpad, early investors would get an opportunity to buy fan tokens with a discount of 80% until the listing on an exchange. Our team calculated for a long time the best and simultaneously the most balanced way all our coins could be distributed. We would issue 3% for launchpad. In any project liquidity should be locked for a specific timeframe. People who want to participate in the launchpad would get an opportunity to buy tokens under 50$. By this move, we eliminate people who can have a large amount of influence on the market, so they can manipulate it in their favor. If liquidity is released, the token creators can engage in the infamous "rugpull." As soon as investors begin purchasing tokens on the exchange, the liquidity pool will begin to gather more and more coins of known value (e.g., ETH or BNB or Tether). This is due to the fact that investors are essentially giving these valuable tokens to the exchange in order to receive the new token. Developers may take this liquidity off of the exchange, cash it in, and walk away with it. Liquidity is locked by delivering liquidity pool (LP) tokens to a time-lock smart contract and relinquishing ownership for a certain length of time. Developers will not be able to recover money from the liquidity pool unless they hold LP tokens. This gives investors assurance that the token creators will not leave with the liquidity funds. It is now common procedure for all token creators, and it is this that distinguishes a fake currency from a legitimate one.
Considering the lock period for fan tokens after launchpad, there could be differences that are unique for special athletes. Lock periods are needed to eliminate such situations when people who would need an essential amount of fan tokens do not manipulate the market by dumping the price. They would potentially do it because they would have their gains right after the launchpad. The lock period would range from 3 months to a year.