Product Viability

1. Fan Focused

Fans are at the heart of Sport Investing mission. We work with all popular sports in all over the world and have a track record of partnering with fan communities to create immersive digital experiences.

Unlike other existing Sports platforms that seek to issue Fan-tokens for clubs, Sport Investing is the first platform who issues Fan-tokens personally for athletes and Sport Influencers .

Just imagine how many popular athletes exist on the planet right now. We plan to tokenize all athletes with a fan base of over 100,000 people and release fan tokens for them. Fans and followers of athletes will by Fan-tokens with SITX tokens and will use Fan-tokens for new experience, attractive benefits and profit opportunity..

2. Official partnerships

We are creating a new level of win-win sports partnerships in which we work very closely and professionally with club representatives, agents and athletes, providing first-class service and greater value than other competitors.

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