Sport Investing

Decentralized Football Club

Sport Investing is one of the first companies in the world to create DAOs for operating sports clubs. DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This type of organization functions autonomously, without human intervention, following the rules prescribed in the smart contract. This eliminates the negative influence of the human factor. Sport Investing DAO is a group of contributors who believe in the benefits of blockchain and metaverse technologies. Sport Investing DAO is intended to undertake and endorse a range of specific activities that could potentially contribute to the ecosystem of fan engagement as well as provide yield farming, the interaction between fans and athletes/clubs, and possible investment into the market value of sportsmen. The Sports Investing DAO will serve as a fundamental platform for users who would vote for further developments in the project and would interact with players and clubs. One of the foreground initiatives of the Sport Investing DAO is to enrich the environment in which more and more people can be exposed to blockchain technologies and enable them to capitalize on opportunities within their sphere of interest, as well as collaborate with their most loved athletes. Our zealous Sport Investing community will gain access to all future Sport Investing marketplace’s functions that will act as a collective conduit for members to explore this area and DeFi opportunities in the decentralized and tokenized metaverse economies of the future. The early supporters or early borders of the Sport Investing DAO would get specific economic benefits that otherwise would not be easily accessible. As smart contracts for proposals, voting, and governance are established, the Sport Investing DAO will initially be managed by the DAO contributors. The DAO contributors will drive the organization's direction in order to increase scholarship size, expand technology, and define future roadmaps. The DAO will eventually be governed by the holders of $SITX tokens, who will all be able to vote on DAO decisions. The objective will be to widely distribute $SITX tokens so that they may be really managed by the community for the community's benefit. How it works: 1.After entering into a partnership, Sport Investing creates a DAO site and determines with the club those parameters that can be influenced by DAO members. These can be player options to buy/rent, strategy choices for the game, fan meeting calendar, etc. 2.Users can join the DAO. To do so, they need to hold a fixed amount of $SITX tokens in staking and purchase fan tokens from the club whose DAO they are joining. DAO members can participate in voting on selected parameters. 3.An investment pool is created, which is also managed by DAO members. Income of the investment pool is divided equally among all members of the DAO. As a result, the sports club receives additional support from the DAO and a closer relationship with its fans.