Sport Investing

Go-To-Market strategy

  1. 1.
    Sports Fan-focused
  2. 2.
    Sport lovers from crypto
  3. 3.
    Ambassador program for agents and athletes
  4. 4.
    Athlete's followers in social media
  5. 5.
    Partnerships with sports brands
Sport Investing intends on collaborating with athletes, clubs and sports influencers to promote and distribute Fan-tokens. First fan token holders will be followers of athlete's from social media and crypto enthusiasts who loves sport.
Our Fan-marketing team works on attractive benefits and activities for sports fans.
Sport Investing has already established a partnership with numerous sports influencers from different GEO's which has a collective social and web audience of more than million fans.
We launch affiliate program for sports agents who want to help us to find new athletes and get reward for that.
We are also looking at in-app opportunities such as launchpads, competitions, polls and growth-hacks to onboard and scale the user base over time.
Additionally, we will look to traditional digital marketing methods and PR to raise awareness of the Sport Investing platform and onboard users whilst at the same time looking to engage with crypto influencers and KOLs with large networks for the initial promotion of the Sportinvesting platform amongst the crypto community.