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How Fan Tokens Contribute To Connection Between Fans And Athletes

While in every contract or arrangement that Sport Investing signs, there are distinctive rules for the athlete and obligation that this athlete makes to support a high level of social activity and satisfy the initial purpose - provide his or her fans with better connection to them. While one arrangement could differ from another, we would always make a post and announcement with concrete details of obligations in front of fans. This is a list of basic commonplace benefits that fans could get after buying fan tokens.
-The possibility of income from the growth of the Athlete's popularity -Cyberspors tournaments with Athlete participation -Training with an Athlete Together -Live communication during interviews,streams and AMA -Receiving gifts from an Athlete -Collect&trade NFT from an Athlete -Attendance of exclusive fan events -Fan community growth -Personal brand tokenization -Fundraising to support important initiatives -Get access to buying Fan Tokens of top Athletes on the launchpad -The ability to purchase and trade NFT Athletes -The opportunity to have access to sportsman to implement their own business ideas -Participation in DAO of sports clubs
Overall Market Situation Of Fan Tokens The fan tokens ecosystem has been growing rapidly since the 2021. The total market cap of the ecosystem in 2020 was 2 million while in May of 2022 it was around 500 million. There is a strong strike in Fan Tokens market because fan tokens solve urgent problems of connection between athletes and fans. For a long period of time there were nearly no opportunities to come closer to an athlete’s life and benefit from his or her social activity. However, now there are a lot of possibilities not only to earn from the social activity of the club, but also to satisfy people’s desires to participate in special events of similar clubs, for example. Concluding, thanks to the fact that in the last time cryptocurrencies were being popularized, and they are starting to be used in real world industries, they could solve particular problems, and increase the quality of work or entertainment in some spheres. Considering the Fan token ecosystem, there is an urgent need for fans to interact closer with their favorite athlete. So, while a lot of companies including ours provide such a possibility, we also grant similar chances not only for leagues or huge clubs, but also for individuals. Moreover, while there are a lot of reasons to buy fan tokens(because of the utilities), people could also earn on those fan tokens. Even today, when the Fan Token market rised a lot, there are still a lot of problems that distinctive companies are planning to solve in 1 year; therefore, the potential of the whole market is enormous. While the majority of such companies are focused on clubs and leagues, we provide more opportunities for individual athletes and point our attention to connecting them better with fans. Considering the value of the Fan Token, Sport Investing takes the amount of followers and puts a particular price for each follower or fan. In such a way the market value of a particular fan token is calculated. Furthermore, to understand better Sport Investing target audience and to realize problems to work on as well as bigger demand, the Sport Investing team researched the whole Market, popularity of distinctive sports in the countries, and general interest in them. For example, The European market is not uniform. In each individual country, there are leading sports that interest most people. Regarding Denmark and France, the most popular sporting event is the Tour de France, the most famous cycling competition that influences overall engagement in cycling. Germany, England, Spain and Italy have their own football leagues that are regarded as one of the best in the whole world by the statistics of winning with clubs from other leagues. In Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland the most popular sport is cross-country skiing because of the geographical positions of the countries. The most popular sports in the world are soccer, ski racing, cycling, formula 1, and tennis. Delving deeper into favorite sports in each country Sport Investing realized that there several factors that influence such choice of people in the countries. Overall, location, domestic events, leagues, and outstanding athletes in the countries play absolutely essential roles in the popularity of this or that sport. Furthermore, the Sport Investing team researched distributions of fans and their favorite social media platforms to watch after their athletes. More established and traditionally strong sports regions such as North America, Europe and Australia have a more even distribution of fans using both traditional and digital news sources, while in regions that have recently developed their sports infrastructure, such as Asia, there is more emphasis on new types of media. This can be related to several factors such as younger fans who are more accustomed to using digital data as the primary source of information for all things. And in some markets, there are less developed traditional media landscapes that are built around a strong domestic sports landscape (compared to what we see in North America, Europe and Australia). In North Asia, we see an emphasis on new channels coming from China, where digital media is widely used, with strong domestic brands such as Tencent, Alibaba, WeChat, Bytedance (Douyin) developing a digital society. When it comes to digital fanbases, platforms show different patterns in volume. On average, Facebook has the largest fanbase, followed by Instagram and YouTube. However, YouTube is growing faster than Instagram, and Instagram is growing more than Facebook. So, on average, each attribute in the research more than doubled its YouTube fan base and almost doubled its Instagram fan base, and they were still growing on Facebook. The sheer volume of content consumed by many of these high-performing properties is extremely important as it generates a large number of video views across the three major platforms. Analyzing social activity, growth, and usage of social media platforms, the Sport Investing team realized how to properly use such data in calculating the cost of each follower and, therefore, the market cap of fan tokens from the launchpad. However, it is not efficient to take the overall number of fans while there is strong classification on real fans and followers. On the example of soccer, Sport Investing has results and statistics about the Market situations and real desires of fans as well as minor moments that could negatively influence the Fan Token market or establish some risks.
  • Modern followers want to watch after clubs that do more than just play soccer
  • Among younger fans, following clubs is more temporal
  • Modern followers support more than one club
  • Soccer fandom varies considerably for different demographics and fan segments
  • Fans want more unique experiences that are vital to granting a long-term fandom
  • Fans are consuming more "out of home" soccer content that is available for free
  • For today's fans, watching matches live is not a big deal, especially for younger audiences who prefer short forms and on-demand content.
After several researches, Sport Investing came across a range of solutions that became utilities of fan tokens and parts of the Sport Investing ecosystem to effectively approach fans and their genuine desires.